DJI Matrix Guidance Visual Sensing System

DJI Sensoring System

DJI really look like they could be changing up the drone / UAV market again with their new Matrix platform (click here for more info).  So far we have seen the DJI Matrix 100 which has yet to be officially announced, and we can only assume the Matrix 100 is part of a larger series platform.

What makes the DJI Matrix platform series special is its modular approach allowing users to customize and ad on extra modules. One such module is the DJI Guidance visual sensing system as show in the photo.

The Matrix guidance system takes Inspire 1 downward facing sensors to the next level offering all around visual system. Along with 3D mapping and depth images for surveying and more, this gives the drone the ability to not only detect, but also avoid obstacles in real time.

This real time obstacle avoidance is claimed to work even at high speeds. With drones struggling to integrate themselves into the working work with safety issues, I’m sure many people will be glad to hear of this feature.

I would imagine a drone with an avoidance system like this would stand a better chance at being allowed to fly new crowds of people than a drone without this extra safety feature.

See more information below:

High‐Precision Vision Positioning

Even without GPS, achieve hovering that is accurate to within centimeters. Even when flying at high speeds, high‐ precision stereo algorithms provide positioning information over nearly any terrain. Guidance’s vision positioning system is effective at altitudes of up to 65 feet (20 meters).

Obstacle Sensing in Every Direction

Guidance continuously scans the nearby environment and detects obstacles in real time. When used with a DJI flight controller, it can tell your flight system to automatically avoid collision, even at high speeds.

SDK Guidance is fully compatible with the DJI SDK and supports multiple interfaces for easy data export. Developers are free to create customized applications and expand the use of Guidance’s visual and ultrasonic sensors to suit any need.

Compatible Flight Platforms

Guidance is fully compatible with the DJI Matrix series flight platforms.

Data Interface Ports:


Export velocity data, obstacle distance data, IMU data, ultrasonic data, grey‐scale images, and depth images.


Export velocity data, obstacle distance data, IMU data, and ultrasonic data.

Supported Data Output:

Velocity Data Support for aircraft velocity information output.

Obstacle Distance Data

Obstacle distance data from all five sensors.

IMU Data

Support for IMU data output, including acceleration, attitude data, etc.

Ultrasonic Data

Support for ultrasonic data output from all five sensors.

Grey‐scale Image Support for grey‐scale image output from all five sensors.

Depth Image

Support for dense depth image output from all five sensors.

Posted on May 26, 2015 in News

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